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In the womb is the circle of safety, warmth, and the beginning of the first relationship. This circle is the emotional skin of the child. They are innocent, in awe of the world, intact and amazing. The beginning of conception starts the first relationship. The child is joined with the mother and the invisible cord binds them forever in this life. The child shares the heartbeat, breath, and it harmonizes with the mother. The dance in the womb is magical and everything is shared. The scent of the mother is instilled in the child. And in this world the learning begins before they are ushered to “Mother Earth.”


When the circle is broken, innocence is lost but the invisible cord is unbroken.  If the mother never wanted the child, bonding is affected, and the child feels the influence of the rejection before birth. Extreme pain and trauma occur when the separation takes place after birth. You cannot fix the problem; the trauma doesn’t change. Within the shattered circle is pain, anger, and no sense of belonging. The confusion escalates due to the relationship in the womb of the mother. Children can feel the confusion of loving their mother and hating her.

In Spite of...She's Still My Mother

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