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Nurturing Hope, Guiding Families: Healing Together Through Life's Challenges

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‘Steppin’ on Bumblebees


This is your introduction to SOB. When I was about ten years old, I loved to walk barefoot, I still do. My father would tell me to put on my shoes and I wouldn’t. He was a gardener and I would follow him in the garden. One day I followed him in the garden barefoot. I stepped on a bumblebee and it stung me. I fell over from the sting and it was painful. Have you ever been stung by bumblebee? How did it make you feel?

For me, it hurt like hell. My father looked at me and said, “You see gal, sometimes it’s the little things in life that will throw you”. I didn’t understand then how powerful that statement was, but through the experiences of life, I have learned how amazing that little things can be a huge distraction. 


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Empowering Children, Strengthening Families: Building Resilience in Times of Crisis

This is what I think of the book. The story may seem it is about a woman who lost her husband and revolves around the people they know but it is something that goes beyond their life. It is about " Passion" "Courage" and most importantly about "Partnership" which works as a magic and connects your life to meaning. Everyone can relate to the story, learn it, apply to their lives. The selection of quotes enhances the story to a beautiful extent. Everyone can read it and see how two "raw" human beings connected and faced every difficulty that came their way. Now you may be thinking that women lose their husbands, here is where the soul of story lies " Hope". I will complete my review with my favorite quote from the book "He stirred my soul in the most subtle way and the story between us wrote itself" ......... A truly magical Experience, Hats Off!



Ms. Jackie, It was an honor reading your book. What a beautiful way to honor your marriage and you both as people. The way you described everything in this book it put me right there with you. I was crying and smiling throughout the book. I feel like I knew your husband. I felt your heart throughout the book. The storytelling is inspirational. You will touch so many to how they can relate to their grief but also how they can view themselves throughout the process of their grief. I loved your book in a nutshell. I will be using it as a point of reference in the future. Love you.

-Hassana and Gideon Brown

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